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Childhelp Co-Founders Sara O'Meara (right) and Yvonne Fedderson (left) with President Jimmy Carter

Founders' Message: Voice of Child Abuse Prevention Month


When legendary actress Sophia Loren joined us at the White House for a meeting with then President Jimmy Carter to rally for April to be deemed Child Abuse Prevention Month, we were delighted to have been received with an open mind and open heart.

Years later, we were honored with a Caring Institute award, as was Jimmy Carter. We were delighted to see him again, but he had a momentary lapse in remembering us. We shared, “We were with Sophia Loren” and he lit up, “Ah, yes, of course!” We all laughed. If you walk into a room after Ms. Loren, prepare to be forgotten for just a minute.

We talked about the establishment of this important month of remembrance, and he shared how proud he was that it was still observed to this day. He felt it spoke well of our country and its commitment to the welfare of children.

On February 14, 2000, Congress unanimously voted to dedicate the first Wednesday of April as the Childhelp National Day of Hope. This is a time where we light five candles to remember the #FiveTooMany children lost to abuse each day. It is also a time of great advocacy in Washington DC to speak up for laws that put away predators and safeguard children. Hope is what this month is all about!

Getting in front of the abuse epidemic legislatively is essential to our mission. This year, we “stormed the Hill” virtually, meeting with over 60 legislators to discuss bills essential to the intervention of child abuse via specialized hotline reporting and the necessity of quality residential treatment for some of our country’s most severely abused children. We also launched the “Need Help?” campaign raising awareness for the Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline on its 40th anniversary. If you need help, we are here.

Remember her name. Kim Bergman is a hero. As a brave survivor of abuse in youth athletics, she is seeking to extend the statute of limitations for those who need the time, counseling, and support to face their abusers and help stop them from hurting others. We salute such strength and honor her healing journey. As you read her story, know that we are working, with the support of longtime partners the Foundation for Global Sports Development, to create a research-informed hotline exclusively for youth athletes and adult survivors of abuse in sports. Stars like Kim deserve a safe place to reach their ultimate potentials!

While April is a month of solemn remembrance of the five children who die from abuse each day, we continue to fight to save lives year-round through our prevention program Childhelp Speak Up Be Safe. Remember Smokey the Bear and fire prevention lessons in school? Just imagine if the same efforts were shared to keep children’s bodies, hearts, and minds safe from abuse, Internet predators, trafficking, and bullying. Prevention can change the numbers of children lost to brutality every day. We believe that if every school in the nation offered prevention education, our country would save lives and preserve the precious futures of our children.


Students Spread the Word About the Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline

A group of Maryland high school students have teamed up to help spread the word about the Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline. They say they wanted to give fellow students a way to learn about how to reach out to the Hotline without having to even acknowledge that they are suffering from abuse or neglect. Students at Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School created t-shirts emblazoned on the front with the message “NEED HELP?” and on the back information about how to call, text or online chat with the Hotline.


No Limits!
Gymnast, Survivor & Activist Kim Bergman

Trigger Warning: The following story contains details of sexual abuse.

Gymnast Kim Bergman is a survivor, an advocate for extending the statute of limitations, and a voice for change. Her compelling story is all too common in the world of youth sports where abusers, enablers, and bystanders fail to protect young women and men seeking to live out their athletic dreams. We thank our partners at Foundation for Global Sports Development for working with us to create a research-based helpline that will give youth athletes and adult survivors support, resources, free on-the-spot trauma-informed treatment, and the prevention tools to stop abuse before it starts. We honor heroes like Kim who refuse to let abusers have the last word and seek to change laws to protect tomorrow’s children.


You Can Prevent Child Abuse

All of us can be a positive influence in a child’s life. At the very least, we all can help spread awareness and prevention essentials. (Hint: Start by sharing this article!)

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month, the perfect time to focus on stopping child abuse BEFORE it begins.


Faces of Childhelp

Childhelp Wings Fashion Show Chairs Jennifer Archuleta & Jamie LeVine host an Alice in Wonderland themed fundraiser.


Rebecca Cooper

How long have you been involved with Childhelp?

I've been involved with Childhelp for almost 20 years now - as a Greater Washington Area Advisory Board member for 15 years and on staff for three years.

What is your affiliation with Childhelp?

Vice President of Public Affairs in Washington, DC

All Who Enter Here Will Find Love is above each Childhelp door. What do you love about Childhelp?

The thing I love most about Childhelp is that every person involved with this organization has a big heart and a passion to help others. From our Founders to our staff to our volunteers, every person you meet affiliated with Childhelp is here because they care and because they want to make the world a better and safer place for children.

What would you say to inspire a child who is struggling right now?

I would tell any child who is struggling right now that it's important to know they are not alone. They may feel abandoned but there is a huge network of loving people who want to help and can be there in a time of need. I love the Rosevelt Rawls' video she made singing a cover of the Lauren Daigle song RESCUE. You see Rosevelt and a whole army of children and adults coming forward to help children in need. It's a beautiful song and a great way to visualize the Childhelp network ready to help. 

We work to rebuild dreams for recovering children, what was your childhood dream?

I used to tell people when I was younger that I wanted to grow up to be the First Lady of the United States. I saw the great work First Ladies do to help others. Plus I instinctively knew that First Ladies didn't have to answer as many questions from pesky reporters or be the target of as much criticism every day as the President but could do great things and have a real impact. The irony is that I grew up to be one of those Washington reporters asking pesky questions to the President. But I learned that asking the right questions can help people too.


Jennifer Archuleta

How long have you been involved with Childhelp?

I have been with Childhelp for over 8 years. It became my passion after Tiffany Quayle asked me to attend a Childhelp Wings Fashion Show committee meeting.

What is your affiliation with Childhelp?

2022 Wings Fashion Show Chair

All Who Enter Here Will Find Love is above each Childhelp door. What do you love about Childhelp?

Although Childhelp is a large organization, it makes you feel like family. I understand what it is like to not receive help at a young age when something tragic happens. Taking care of all of the child’s needs when tragedy strikes is so important.  “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken adults.”

What would you say to inspire a child who is struggling right now?

Don’t be afraid to ask for help because here and now I will make sure that you receive it.

We work to rebuild dreams for recovering children, what was your childhood dream?

I have always liked to volunteer my time. I started off as a candy striper delivering flowers at our local hospital, as well as donating time at church & with vets in Los Angeles. My dream is what I am doing right now, raising money and awareness for an organization I believe in and helping foster the healing of children. We all don’t have the time to volunteer unfortunately, but God has blessed me with time and I am able to use that to help others.


Rob and Dana Gourley

How long have you been involved with Childhelp?

Since December of 2011. our Watt-Ahh customers have donated over $33,000 as of the end of March of 2022.

What is your affiliation with Childhelp?

We are the founders of AquaNew’s Watt-Ahh bottled water and have supported Childhelp for years 

All Who Enter Here Will Find Love is above each Childhelp door. What do you love about Childhelp?

During the invasion of Ukraine, we have thought often about Yvonne and Sara’s successful efforts to evacuate children from the orphanage at the end of the Vietnam War or what is famously called “Operation Baby Lift”, flying the children to the open arms of their future adoption parents in California. Yvonne and Sara’s commitment and leadership in securing both safety and welfare for children in need remain exemplary and unrelenting even to this day. They are the lighthouse women of Childhelp history that must be repeated in our troubled world. Sara and Yvonne are the light that we love.

What would you say to inspire a child who is struggling right now?

That is a difficult one to answer and we are not sure what we might say will resonate with a child. We must defer instead to the trained counselors, medical professionals and administrators at Childhelp whom we met at its headquarters in Phoenix, AZ in 2019 before we attended the 60th Year Diamond Jubilee Gala. Maybe we can say to the child there have been thousands of giving individuals nationwide that care about them each time they bought Watt-Ahh. Their combined donations to Childhelp contributed to supporting the counselors who can inspire each child.

We work to rebuild dreams for recovering children, what was your childhood dream?

Rob lost his adoptive mother when he was seven years old and Dana lost her father at age 17. Loss has been experienced by all of us, but a rebuilt childhood life due to tragedy can make us seek more self-reliance and independence since our parents will not be around to soften our life's falls and celebrate our successes. Perhaps recovering children dream of self-sufficiency that will prepare them for another life... not the same one anticipated since something went wrong with their parents but a different one with its own different experiences and rewards.


Christine Holtz, Director of Marketing at Ahipoki
(Pictured with Childhelp supporter Shaquille O'Neal)

How long have you been involved with Childhelp?

Recently, including the Day of Hope via Zoom meeting with members of Congress.

What is your affiliation with Childhelp?

Supporter and partnered with Childhelp for a fundraiser during Child Abuse Prevention Month 

All Who Enter Here Will Find Love is above each Childhelp door. What do you love about Childhelp?

The love the founders have of protecting and helping children and those carrying out that mission. Childhelp is a tremendous resource for everyone in communities.

What would you say to inspire a child who is struggling right now?

You are loved and you are strong – never quit! Know that your feelings are valid and you deserve to be heard without judgement! No matter what age you are – it is so important to have a support system – rely on those people whether friends, families or a trusted adult – they can help you get through it.

We work to rebuild dreams for recovering children, what was your childhood dream?

As a child, I wanted to be a mom! I am living that dream with my 4 amazing kids! Career wise, I wanted to be a detective. Even though I took a different route, I have found that different areas of my job include a lot of research and ‘detective work’ in public relations and marketing.


Childhelp Events


May 7, 2022

2022 Childhelp Les Trois Chefs

May 12, 2022

2022 Childhelp Rich Saul Memorial Golf Classic


May 14, 2022

2022 Childhelp Comedy That Inspires

Stay tuned to Childhelp community updates on social media, as well as visiting for more upcoming events. For up-to-date information and ideas on fundraising from your home, also make sure to visit our Peer-to-Peer fundraising page.


Childhelp In The News

The 15th Annual Childhelp Wings Fashion Show chairs Jennifer Archuleta and Jamie LeVine sit down with Phoenix Vice Mayor Laura Pastor to discuss how Childhelp serves local families (link below).

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Active Cause Marketing Campaigns

Kendra Scott

Kendra Scott

Now through Mother's Day, May 8th, Kendra Scott will donate 20% of all pre-order sales of the Hadley Necklace or Earrings to Childhelp. Simply visit their website at and use the promotional code GIVEBACK-BWDFY.


The Route

Our generous partners at the Route are giving $10 to Childhelp with every purchase of their Lil' Skincare BFF pack. They make great gifts that give back to Childhelp kids! Learn more about corporate partnership opportunities by contacting Elaine Elliott at


Ahipoki Bowl

In honor of National Child Abuse Prevention Month, at Ahipoki locations across AZ and CA, patrons will be able to donate to Childhelp at their local restaurant, online when placing an order, or directly at our special Ahipoki fundraising link for Childhelp:!/donation/checkout


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Do you have a special Childhelp story of positivity or progress that you would like to share? Contact our Chief Communications Officer, Daphne Young, with your stories of hope and healing:


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